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Presentation of the Women’s Counselling

and Therapy Centre (TuBF)

Welcome to the TuBF-website in English!

Important note in connection with the Corona Virus!

For the time being, the open consultation in TuBF remains exclusively

telephone consultation:

Tuesday 10 - 12 and 16 - 18

Thursday 10 - 12 and 16 - 18 hrs

If required, conversations via video or, under certain safeguards, personal conversations can be made possible.

Therapeutic accompaniment takes place in various forms.

Please call us for legal information.  

Here you can access a short overview of our services

Counselling and Therapy

We offer psychological counselling as well as psychotherapies for women.

By means of open counselling hours we are offering possibilities for all women to ask for our assistance without scheduling of a meeting, and free of charge, for example in the following cases:

On request we offer long term assistance and counselling, in groups or indidually, as well as couple therapy for lesbians

Counsellors and therapists are bound to professional secrecy (confidentiality); on request, counselling and therapy can be done anonymously, if asked for.

Legal information

In the TuBF every first and third wednesday of the month between 5pm to 7pm legal information is offered. A legal expert will answer all questions concerning family law; on selected appointments also concerning the law on aliens regarding immigration law, in this case you are requested to call us by phone.

Talk times by phone

are Wednesdays from 4pm to 5pm, (in German) please feel free to leave a message in English or Turkish. We will return your call and attend to your concerns, if possible within our framework or we will provide information and assistance to find an other supporting institution suitable for you matter (if possible also in languages other than German )

You may as well send us an email in English to info@tubf.de, we will answer as soon as possible.

Intercultural counselling

The TuBF’s counselling is open to women with all kinds of different experiences. Women living in a bi- or multicultural context differ in many ways concerning age, immigrant background, residence status, culture of origin, first, second or third generation, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, or level of education.  Despite all these differences, there are factors, which are common to women of multicultural context:

These experiences require a great commitment of one’s strengths, a range of survival strategies, and the development of new perspectives. We would like to support women in using their own life situation as a unique source of diversity, and wish to strengthen them in mobilizing their ressources, and in relying upon their capacities for social connection

The counsellors/therapists have gained further education (partially over periods of several years) on intercultural competences and offer culturally sensitive counselling.

If women are looking for an English speaking counsellor to talk to, we ask them to schedule the meeting beforehand by phone. in advance

Counselling for lesbians, resp. lesbian couples

(also in English)

We offer lesbians, bi-sexual women and lesbian couples competent counselling. Please feel free to call or leave a message in English.

Reasons for counselling could be:

Requests for information about meeting points or other activities of the lesbian subculture

The costs per hour of therapy expenses fees

are depending on the income and and range between 40 to 100 €/hour.

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The TuBF-team

Our working method can basically be characterized by four factors:

Self-determined form of working

Autonomy in organization and content do allow us to combine qualified work with grass-roots democratic oriented structures. Independent and autonomous working is based on joint decision-making processes concerning conceptual issues. Regular team-supervision by an external supervisor, and our interest in discussions and changes allow us a satisfying and competent co-operation in solidarity.

Professionalism and development

Our co-operation is oriented towards the ensuring of the quality of counselling and therapeutic work on mutual assistance.  Qualified education, regular advanced trainings, collegial intervision, and a respectful conduct with our resources guarantee a high working standard.

An internal working group on therapeutic and political issues is enlarging our feminist competences.


We are organized in the “Association of autonomous women’s counselling centres of NRW” (Dachverband der autonomen Frauenberatungsstellen NRW e.V.”). Moreover, we are linked to regional and transregional groups and organisations especially to those ones who act interculturally and with women/lesbians.

Diversity of methods

The professional-methodical spectrum of the TuBF is consisting of the following qualifications:  talk therapy, behaviour therapy, trauma therapy. Next to the different therapeutic qualifications, educational, theological, and homeopathic disciplines form the professional background.

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